hen someone ask me, How everything starts? I most tell you the trues, right ? After a difficult event in my life, I found myself single mom alone living in a different Country where language barrier was very difficult for me. Where I live is very expensive province and I wanted to be able to give everything to my kids, I mean the most important such as shelter and food, you know the basics.

Probably have enough to take them to see a movie. Anyways! working as EA wasn’t paying the bills and no family member here to help me out. The option in leaving my kids to a nanny and find a second job wasn’t for me. I wanted to be available be present for them. So I start to paint small pieces and sell them online. I always love to paint but had no time at all before. When I was that theres money to make by doing that, I start to paint more and more and than when I met my husband that is a Amazing man and Contractor we just combine he’s knowledge to what I do and after 3 years we are open a booth and it has been a blessing for me (us) to be able now to just focus on my family by do what I love and paint beautiful pieces for you guys.

I am also become a retailer for Chalk Paint, I build many relationships with others painters like me, which break the alone home thing. My GOAL is to have a front store where I can decorate all year around and I most say that I only will get there with your support, my hard work,God blessings and of corse with my family support as well. So far this is my journey and I appreciate and I am grateful for each of you that has been part of it some how.
Thank You!

Beatriz Vieira

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