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I LOVE painting! I LOVE painting old, worn out vintage pieces that no one loves anymore. The excitement of transforming it from that ugly duckling to the magnificent swan, is even more than I can take sometimes! I’m VERY picky about the type of brushes I use and in my 20+ years of painting, I’ve used many different types and brands. What I have found with the oval brushes that I love to use is that they hold more paint than the standard flat brush. With the rounded top and staggered bristles, they leave less brush strokes. When I decided to have my Paint Pixie brushes made for us painters, I knew I had to not only LOVE them, I had to be PASSIONATE about them. Working with an Italian manufacturer who already knew how to make the oval brushes was a key factor for me. Why try and find someone to reinvent the wheel, as the old saying goes. My manufacturer has been making brushes for over 40 years, that says something about them. I can’t wait for you to try my Paint Pixie brushes and fall in LOVE just as I have!

“If you can dream it, you can create it, believe in YOUR dream”

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